Nityananda Chakravorty

Email: info@bgrfuk.org

President, Sri Sri Gitasangha of Bangladesh, Master of Arts in Economics

Dhaka University

Born in 1946, Mr. Nityananda Chakravorty matriculated in 1962 and obtained the degree of Master of Arts in Economics from Dhaka University in 1968. He served in Colleges under Dhaka University as teacher in Economics during 1968 -1975 while Bangladesh earned her Independence as a sovereign nation in 1971. Mr, Chakravorty left his teaching profession and joined Bangladesh Water Development Board as an Economist in 1976 and served the organization for 27 years. During this long tenure he developed his specialization as a Water Sector Economist with wide versatility in planning, implementation, operation, maintenance, and evaluation of completed projects in Bangladesh. He represented Bangladesh Government in the conferences of the World Water Forum in the Netherlands, Japan etc. as a National Expert.  His tremendous contribution to these fields during his tenure of job in the government sector culminated into an elevated reputation at international scale. Subsequently, he continued contributing to different International Journals and Study Reports of IWMI, IUCN, the World bank, Asian Development Bank, JICA etc. His reputation earned invitation for him from the Government of the Netherlands to evaluate their 10-year investment in water sector of Bangladesh. The Government of Bangladesh also appointed him the Consultant for preparing the Second Poverty Paper for Agriculture and Water sector. Mr. Chakravorty still continues his career into the services of the World Bank and Asian Development Bank as Consultant Economist for different agriculture and water sector projects in Bangladesh.

In the backdrop of an Economist as such, Mr. Chakravorty had one purely personal and spiritual affiliation to the cause of liberation of self under a strong potential of the Brahminic traits of his character since his boyhood. He travelled widely in India and Sri Lanka to visit the hotspots of religious, spiritual, and cultural history of Hinduism. He wrote a book “Bodhayanta Parasparam” (2017)- a precious and interesting document on his pilgrimages at 12 places including the important spots along the Himalayan range. He also edited one Srimad Bhagavad Gita which has earned landslide popularity in Bangladesh and some parts of India because of a lucid and practical way of explanation of the Gita verses for the new generation and international readers in Bangla language. The version has been printed and distributed all over the country by the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Bangladesh. Another publication, “Rabindrabhabonai Srimad Bhagavad Gita” has been superb and strategically documentary in a rigorous effort to assimilate and integrate the practical and moral implications of Gita verses with the benign and eternal urges of Tagore in his poetic exuberance as in Gitanjali and other poems.

Mr. Chakravorty (76) has observed the rigours of pure Brahmacharya for last 12 years in his own home alone, and is the current President of Gitasangha of Bangladesh, a registered nationwide organization dedicated to the cause of developing Gita-life in the Sanatan society all over the world.      


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