Atman, Cycle of birth & death, Hinduism, Bhagavad Gita


Background and Aims: Vedic scriptures dictate that every living being goes through a cycle of birth and death until final liberation, and this very process is governed by the inner spirit of life called Atman (Soul). Scholars and scientists have across eons of time, tried to extrapolate an answer as to how this process happens, and whether there is any scientific basis to this process. This quest, the acquiescence, and the transmigratory process has been challenging and has not been described in detail. The aim of the article is to review the main Vedic scriptures defining Atman and how it determines the process of cycle of birth and death.

The main scriptures of Sanatan Dharma were systematically searched, collated, and presented.

Findings and Conclusions:
Evidence from the various Sanatan Dharma scriptures provide an understanding that Atman, as a spiritual power, determines the cycle of birth and death. Whereas, past karmas proceed through Atman, this eternal power ultimately merges with the supreme divinity (the Super Soul). Anecdotal evidence suggests in favour of this transmigratory process of human life and the eternity of Atman as the quest for perpetuity.

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